Originally the house was known as Studham House; it was later known as Barwythe or Barwythe House. At the present time it is known as Barwythe Hall.

It is thought that Barwythe Hall gained its name because it stands close to the medieval Manor of Barworth and its chapel Barworth Manor was held by Dunstable Priory, possibly deriving from a gift by Alexander de Stodham in the late 12th century and then built up by subsequent acquisitions.

In 1544, following the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the manor was granted to William Belfield, the former tenant of the Priory. The manor remained in the Belfield family until 1815 when, under the terms of Ellen Bayley, sister of Henry Belfield, it was sold - the purchaser being John William, Earl of Bridgewater.

Origionally Barwythe Hall was located in Hertfordshire but with the boundary change in 1897 the Barwythe Hall moved into Bedfordshire.

In the 1980s Barwythe Hall was converted into offices becoming the Head quarters for Tiger Haulage Ltd under Gerry Zukus. Tiger Haulage was the largest franchisee of Initial City Link, operating 30 depots over 4 counties. In 2007 the company was purchased by Rentokil Initial.

Barwythe Hall was purchased by Andrew Beckingham in 2008.

History of Previous Ownership